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Subject: Re: LSD in sFrom: nmorin@weber.ucsd.edu (Norman Morin)
Date: 21 Apr 1994 23:32:18 GMT
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Subject: Beating a hair test

I posted concerning this awhile ago.  My friend was
up for a job in which he had to take a hair test.  He
smoked MJ (according to him) a few times a week for the
last sveral years -- which means he probably smoked

He and I were under the impression that you can't
beat a hair test (if you don't count not taking it
and not getting the job as 'beating it').
People on the Net seemed to agree.

Well, as I said earlier, he called NORML's 800 number
and they said the ONLY way they knew about was a
shampoo called ALOE RID, by NEXUS, avaiable
only in salons.  It's for surfers and the like who
destroy their hair in the ocean. NORML suggested
using it a week or so before the test; he used it
for three weeks w/o getting a haircut.

Well, he took his test last Friday and I got
email from him today saying HE PASSED THE TEST.

There ya go...


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